My friend David just got back from a trip to Brazil. Over lunch the other day, he told me about the amazing graffiti to be found there. He said: "...all beautiful Brazilian boys have braces, and back tattoos." 

Whoops! I digress. 

Here, an example of the graffiti particular only to São Paulo, called pixacão. It strongly reminds me of one of the earliest known examples of mankind's writing style, called cuneiform. Funny, how things become démodé and then, all of a sudden, very of the moment! Mesopotamian scribes used cuneiform to recorded daily events, trade, astronomy, and literature using a reed pen to impress characters on a clay tablet. Examples date back as far as 3,500 B.C! Who would of thought of back tattoos and brazes as sexy, until David's breathless description and photo documentation?


Remember, back in the day -- say, 1990? Dolce and Gabban-o-tards had zero street cred. A sicko beat, some airbrush jeans, maybe a freestyle Cabbage Patch was all you need to look Dope. Now getdafunkouttahere, Fashionista. There's dog turd on your Jimmy Choos.

zSHARE - 06 funk boutique 12 remix.mp3


Brideshead sure does get chilly in winter, (brrr!). And a tapestry is a great way to blot out creeping drafts. So, the next time I'm kickin' it in Paris, instead of blowing all my milk money at some louche bar on the Rive Gauche, I'm gonna creep over to the XIIIe arrondissement and have this crazy snap -- taken off the TV screen, obviously -- woven as a tapestry at Manufacture des Gobelins. Since the 15th century, Gobelins has been the premier weavers of massive depictions of stylish and bloody battle scenes, la chasse, etc. So the concept makes perfect sense. Well... it does to me, anyway.

La Bataille de Zama by Jules Romain, 1688