Crinolines & Curly Fries

Fulton Mall is, unquestionably Brooklyn's Avenue des Champs-Élysées. It is the place in King's County to promenade, on any given afternoon, work your man fur, miles of gold chain, Manchurian fingernails. Now that restaurant Gage & Tollner's has closed  --  after having served seafood  for over 100 years in an 1875 townhouse  -- Fulton Mall needs a better dining establishment. Word on the street: Arby's is taking over Gage & Tollner's old space! Yet, indigenous interwebs sites like buzz with loathing. 


Personally, I'm thrilled.

Because, back in the day, neighborhood swells like Mae West and Diamond Jim Brady slurped down oysters and clams at Gage & Tollner's luxurious, gas-lit interior. And its formerly fantastic  fin de siècle dècor will be fabulous once again. 'Cause the Arby's folks are working with the city's landmarks preservation committee.  So there is no need to worry, Sons of Brooklyn. Arby's at Fulton will be a great place to impress your shortee. Be a gentleman, pick up the tab. You'll merely be throwin' down Greater Depression-era kinda change, it won't blow your budget for that fresh pair of Nikes. 'Til then, practice your best summer saunter, with trousers belted at the knee. And peep the menu at