Yes, Virginia. There isn't a Jean Dixon Museum

Nixon referred to her exclusively as "the soothsayer". Of course Nancy Reagan put her on the ole' White House payroll, too. Alas, Virginia's Jean Dixon Museum and Library has permanently closed doors, and so The Republican Witch's personal effects are to be auctioned July 25th at Mayland's Sloans & Kenyon. In addition to the astrologers, um, two crystal balls, her crucifixes and collection of Chanel chapeaux,  other curiosities remain worthy of mention. 

Here, a tantalizing sample:  numerous portraits of her familiar, a cat called Mike (as well as his extensive wardrobe e.g. denim overalls, evening clothes, and a mink coat). Also, a peculiar portrait by John George Spencer-Churchill (1909 –1992), nephew of Winston. I covet the photograph with astronaut John Glenn, inscribed " glad your predictions came true.

Aren't we all?